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At onlineTEKI we want to help freelancers grow their career and income, as fast as possible. That's why we created TEKI.Training and we put all our magic secret sauce into our premier freelancing online training.
Hi I'm Kate Luella, and two years ago I teamed up with one of my favorite freelance clients Michelle Ferbrache, to start our own freelance tasker platform onlineTEKI. Having run my own successful web digital marketing freelance agency for the previous 10 years I now believe freelancing is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to create a fast income stream with little or no start up stress!

Hey I'm Michelle, I left my 11 year career in Aviation Safety to start my own business in 2016. This when I met my co-founder of onlineTEKI Kate Luella, and with her skills and my passion I grew my business into the award winning success it is today. I am passionate about helping freelancers achieve their own career ambitions, especially those who want to smash through their glass ceilings in life and career as well.

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We understand that every creative, designer, IT worker and other freelancers have their own career journey, with their own needs, wants and goals.  That is why we created TEKI Training - To help freelancers that may want to become a TEKI on our onlineTEKI platform, and we look forward to seeing you inside our free Facebook Group HERE >> 
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